Installation Instructions

Reflective Decals


Please follow the instructions below for proper installation and enjoyment of your decals.



  Prepare the surface for installation by using a soft clean cloth and household alcohol. Completely wipe the area at least 3 times to ensure removal of oils and waxes for proper adhesion of your vinyl decals.


(Caution – Avoid direct sunlight and do not apply on hot surfaces)



1.    Remove decal-backing paper by placing the decal face down on a flat surface. Lift a corner and slowly roll back the paper backing off the decal. Avoid touching the adhesive side of the decal at all times. The topside of the decal’s transfer tape will remain on at all times until the end of the installation.


2.    Pick up decal being careful not to allow it to fold onto itself. Hold it tight at both ends.


3.    You are now ready to apply your decal. Holding it taut at all times, tab down the right end of the decal to the surface while holding the remainder of the decal up and away from the surface at a slight angle.


4.    Use a credit card or similar flat plastic tool and begin to wipe over the surface of the decal with the transfer tape still on top!


5.   Once the decal is completely installed  (do not remove the top transfer tape), continue to wipe all areas of decal firmly to minimize any bubbles.  


6.    Now it is time to remove the top decal transfer tape. Grab a corner and begin to slowly roll back the top tape off the installed decal.



  Note: Any minor bubbles that may appear after installation should disappear after a week, or you may prick the bubble with a pin and smooth down with your finger.